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Here is the list of "frequently asked questions". If you do not find the answer to your question below, you can contact us by email: olympics@eventeam-group.com


The Olympic Games: what is it all about?
The Olympic Games are the world's most important sporting event for summer sports and thousands of athletes.

The event is supervised by the IOC (International Olympic Committee), which has adapted the Games according to its own vision to the social changes that have occurred in the world. Most of these adjustments included the creation of the Olympic Winter Games, the Paralympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games.
Where are the Tokyo 2021Summer Olympic Games held?
The Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympic Games will be held mainly at 2 separate venues (the Heritage Zone and the Tokyo Bay Zone), but also throughout Japan.

- The Heritage Zone :
Thanks to the last edition of the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, many infrastructures that have since been rehabilitated or renovated will once again be mobilized for the 2021 Olympic Games.

This Heritage Zone includes :
Olympic Stadium: Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Athletics
Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium: Table Tennis
The Yoyogi National Stadium: Handball
Nippon Budokan: Judo, Karate
Imperial Palace Garden: Walk
The Tokyo International Forum: Weightlifting
The Kokugikan Arena: Boxing
Equestrian Park: Equestrian sports (Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing)
The Musashino Forest Sport Plaza: Badminton, Modern Pentathlon
Tokyo Stadium: Football, Rugby, Modern Pentathlon
Musashinonomori Park: Road cycling

- The Tokyo Bay area :

The organizers of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games hope that this edition will leave a lasting and modern legacy for future generations. To do this, the city of Tokyo is tending to set up multiple infrastructures, or already existing ones :

The CIRTUV/CPP Media Center - Tokyo International Exhibition Centre (Tokyo Big Sight)
Ariake Arena: Volleyball
Olympic Gymnastic Centre: Gymnastics
Olympic BMX Race: Cycling (BMX Freestyle & Race), Skateboard
Ariake Tennis Park: Tennis
Odaiba Marine Park: Swimming Marathon, Triathlon
Shiokaze Park: Beach volleyball
The Aomi Urban Sports Venue: Basketball 3x3, Sports Climbing
Seaside Park Hockey Stadium: Field Hockey
The Sea Forest Cross-Country Course: Equestrian Sports (Cross-country)
The Sea Forest Waterway: Online Canoeing, Rowing
The Sea Forest Waterway: Canoeing Slalom
The Dream Island Archery field: Archery
Olympic Aquatics Centre: Water sports (Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming)
Tatsumi International Swimming Centre: Water sports (Water polo)
The Makuhari Messe Hall A/B: Taekwondo, Wrestling, Fencing

- Other venues :

To ensure that the Tokyo Olympic Games are enjoyed throughout the country, the Olympic Organizing Committee has decided to locate several competition venues outside the Tokyo capital. All these external infrastructures include:

The Tsurigasaki Beach Surfing Venue: Surfing
The Saitama Super Arena: Basketball
Asaka Shooting Range: Shooting
Kasumigaseki Country Club: Golf
The Enoshima Yacht Harbour: Sailing sail
Izu Velodrome: Track Cycling
Izu Velodrome: Track Cycling
The Izu Mountain Bike race: Mountain biking
Fuji International Speedway: Road cycling
Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium: Baseball & Softball
Yokohama Stadium: Baseball & Softball
Sapporo Dome: Football
Miyagi Stadium: Football
Ibaraki Kashima Stadium: Football
Saitama Stadium: Football
Yokohama International Stadium: Football
When will the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympic Games take place?
The Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympic Games will take place from Friday 23th, July to Sunday 08th, August 2021. However, events such as softball or football will start on Wednesday 21 July 2021.


EVENTEAM, the only agency able to sell Olympic tickets ?
EVENTEAM has been officially designed by the French Olympic Committee and Tokyo 2021 Organizing Committee as Authorized Ticket Reseller for the Olympic Games of 2021.
Thus, EVENTEAM is the Only Ticket Provider of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games in France.
For further information, please feel free to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020. You will receive updated news about Ticket sales Opening date.
When can I buy tickets for the Olympic Games?
The Olympic Tickets sales, worldwide, are to be expected in June 2019.
Due to a high demand, we advise you to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020 in order to receive updated news about Ticket sales Opening Date.
Can we pre-book tickets before the opening of the sales?
EVENTEAM do not set up Pre Booking, indeed Tokyo 2021 have not allocated the tickets yet for France.
However, we kindly invite you to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020 in order to receive updated news and information about Ticket sales Opening Date.
What are the new features of these Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games?
In order to move closer to gender parity and rejuvenate its programme, the IOC has decided to set up new competition sessions.
Among them :
- A 4x400m mixed relay in athletics
- A mixed relay triathlon
- A mixed team event in archery
- More women's events in boxing, canoeing or shooting.
6 new sports will also be on the programme : 3x3 basketball, climbing, baseball-softball, karate, skateboard and surf.
Can I just buy tickets ?
EVENTEAM offers 2 types of products for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics Games :
- Tokyo 2021 Olympic Tickets only.
- Packages including Olympic Tickets + travel services
For further information, please feel free to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020. You will receive updated news and information about Ticket sales Opening date.
Do you provide stays including ticketing ?
EVENTEAM offers you 2 types of products for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics Games :
- Tokyo 2021 Olympic Tickets.
- Packages including Olympic Tickets + travel services..
For further information, please feel free to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020. You will receive updated news and information about Ticket sales Opening date.
Am I guaranteed to get Olympic tickets if I buy a package?
As soon as your order is validated, EVENTEAM will be able to guarantee your booking and the receipt of your ticket.
Can Olympic tickets be discounted or priced specifically?
For Olympic ticketing, a single rate applies per ticket category. No discount is applied, even if the participant is in a particular situation (children, students, etc.).
Is there any cancellation and/or refund insurance?
Yes, such insurance is only available on packages.
For team sports, how can you be sure that you can get the French teams sessions, while the competition table has not been given yet ?
For team sports, the competition draws will be announced by TOKYO 2021 and might not be available until the Games start.
Tickets will not be subject to change after the announced draws.
How will tickets be allocated?
Tickets and all packages (accommodation and transport) will be allocated in chronological order of booking.
When and how will I be able to receive my tickets?
Tickets for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games are not to be collected from EVENTEAM, but will be sent to clients by EVENTEAM from May 2021 under secured envelope, in order to limit the risks of loss or theft, tickets for the event being neither refundable nor edited again.
Are the tickets purchased placed together?
EVENTEAM receives Ticket allocation from Tokyo 2021 Organizing Committee. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the seats proposed by TOCOG will be together.
However, EVENTEAM deliver the highest service possible for its clients and Ticketing team will seat people together as much as they can.
For further information, please feel free to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020.
You will receive updated news and information about Ticket sales Opening date.
Must I have a ticket to attend the Olympic Games?
Everybody, regardless of age, must be in possession of a ticket to attend Olympic events.
Can I buy a package or ticket in order to organize a lottery or a game contest ?
In accordance with the rules established by TOKYO 2021, it is strictly forbidden to use Olympic ticketing to equip game contests.
What will be the price of an Olympic ticket for Tokyo Olympics?
We cannot inform you accurately on Ticket prices. TOCOG (Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) are still working on it and ticket prices are subject to change due to VAT and Yen Exchange rate.
The Price range will be around 30 € for many sports in qualifying sessions low Category Price up to 2500 Euro Opening Ceremony Category A the most expensive.
For further information, please feel free to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020.
You will receive updated news and information about Ticket sales Opening date.
What are the price differences on the same event?
Rate differences are related to the category of tickets purchased, with the best categories corresponding to the highest rates.
The categories were determined by TOKYO 2021, according to the following descending ranking (A being the best category): "A", "B", "C", "D", and "E".
How can I get tickets for the TOKYO 2021 Paralympic Games?
EVENTEAM is not in charge of tickets sales for the Paralympic Games. Interested parties are invited to contact directly the agency in charge of French ticketing for the Tokyo 2021 Paralympic Games or the French Paralympic Committee.
I am a person with reduced mobility. How can I get tickets?
Tickets for people with a range of disabilities will be available on request with the Organizing Committee.
We kindly invite you to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020 and advise about any specific demand in the section « Comment ». We will then inform TOCOG (Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) and process your request.
Can I change or cancel my order?
Once the order has been validated, any request for modification or cancellation will be likely to have financial consequences at the exclusive expense of the customer.
We advise you to take into account your budgetary, professional or personal requirements, and to check all your choices and information before making any purchase.
What are the payment terms for tickets?
When placing your ticket only order on our website, the full amount of your billing order will have to be paid.
When placing a package order on our website, you could process a 3 times payment plan.
We remain at your disposal should you have any further enquiries.
Can you tell me about the events in a particular Olympic discipline?
On our website, on Headings « Olympic Games », under section « Ticketing », you will find the Olympic Schedule that will help you to find all specific dates for each sport. The detailed Olympic calendar will be available very soon.
For further information, Please feel free to register on our website eventeam.fr/tokyo2020.


Will it still be possible to find a hotel during the Games once on site?
During the Olympic period, hundreds of thousands of visitors will travel to Tokyo and its surroundings for the Olympic Games. Many hotels and backpackers will be mobilized for the Games and many hotels are already full. Think about anticipating your needs.
On the other hand, we remind you that no visas are required. A visa becoming necessary for a 90 days stay or more. We also strongly advise you to plan your accommodation arrangements in advance.
What precautions should be taken before coming to Japan?
As border protection measures are regularly updated, it is advisable to follow the recommendations of the local authorities and to consult the website of the government : https://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr


Are pets allowed in the venues dedicated to the events of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games?
Pets are prohibited in all Olympic Games venues, except guide dogs accompanying people with a range of disabilities, as long as the dog's veterinary passport is valid and vaccinations are up-to-date.
How could I get to the different events?
During the Games, public transports will lead visitors to the various competition venues. The organizer will also provide a spectator guide at a later stage with all the information on transport to the Olympic venues.
When making a purchase, please allow sufficient time between events and consider inter-site travel times, security checks and any unexpected delays that may occur.
Please visit https://tokyo2020.org/fr/ for more information.
How can I pay for my purchases at Olympic venues?
Payments by Visa credit card.
Can I make my booking request by phone?
Our team is available on phone to help you processing your purchase when necessary at the following number +33 (0)9 69 39 20 16 as soon as ticket sales will be open.
Eventeam.fr/tokyo2020 will be the only access for exclusive Olympic tickets purchase.


How can I update my personal information?
You can access your personal account and modify your personal information thanks to your access codes that you will have received by email once you’ll have made your reservation.
What will happen to my personal data after the event?
In accordance with the "Data Protection Act" of 6 January 1978 amended in 2004, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning yourself, which you can exercise by contacting EVENTEAM - 75 ter rue du Point du Jour - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt France.


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